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Choose From Our Wide Selection of Tablecloths and Runners From Rockflowerpaper

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The tablecloth is a decorative accessory that unifies all the components of your table settings. You want to make sure to utilize the right tablecloth for your specific occasion. There are five tablecloth design elements: visual weight, texture, dominance, color and pattern. Let’s take a look at how best to utilize these elements.

Visual weight relates to the size of the room. For example, in larger rooms you need to keep the table setting from looking lost by utilizing a tablecloth with big patterns. These big patterns convey visual weight and help make the tablecloth stand out. Small rooms demand tablecloths with light, airy patterns.

Color can be used as a tool to change the mood of an occasion without the need to change out table settings. Formal dining colors include white, ecru and ivory. All shades of colors can be used in informal dining settings, so feel free to break out that metallic tablecloth.

The texture of your tablecloth should relate to not only the finish of your tableware, but also the dining occasion. In formal dining settings, appropriate finishes are crystal, silver and porcelain. An appropriate tablecloth would be a satin sheen. For informal dining settings, textures can range from coarse to smooth, basically anything you desire.

Depending on the occasion, the pattern of a tablecloth can range from small to large and subtle to bold. Formal dining demands small and subtle patterns as you don’t want to take away from the settings. Bold patterns are best utilized in informal dining engagements.

Make sure your next dinner engagement boasts the proper table linen by choosing from our wide selection of tablecloths and runners. We carry products from name brand manufacturers including Rockflowerpaper